Update on Our Friend Lorenzo

Wes and I were absolutely thrilled to get to see Lorenzo at Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf today with Mission Discovery! We met Lorenzo in March and fell in love 💙 He recently had the first of three procedures to correct a condition he has called Hirschsprung’s Disease. He’s doing so, so well! He’s gotten healthier and learned a ton since we saw him a few months ago. Here are some ways you can pray for Lorenzo:
• Pray for good results on his recent biopsy.
• Pray for his healing and upcoming surgeries.
• Pray for him to have peace when he can’t communicate and doesn’t know what’s going on at the hospital.
• Pray for his education – Lorenzo (age 15) is deaf and only just beginning to learn ASL and read and write.
• Pray for friendships and community to form between him and the other students at JCSD.
• Pray for his family to love him and know how to care for him.
• Pray for him to know the Lord.

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